When visiting Thailand, there is so much more to see that a one week vacation is not enough. Every visitor in Thailand keeps on returning due to the fact that everywhere you go, it is so beautiful. The tropical islands and stunning coastline provides a wonderful haven of beaches and laid-back ambiance. When you go further inland, you will be welcomed by rice paddles and UNIESCO World Heritage Sites filled with lush green forest and wildlife. Thailand is a Buddhist country which is why the country offers plenty golden temples. The capital city of Bangkok is filled with skyscrapers, floating markets and smog filled streets will always leave you overwhelmed. 

Despite of the country's western influence, Thailand was able to maintain and preserve their identity as an Oriental nation and this is one reason why Thailand is one of the best tourist holiday destination in the world today. Thailand also combines East and West so if you are a person who loves the beach or an adrenaline junkie than Thailand is the place for you. Good news about Thailand is that they have a temperate climate all year round which means that whatever time of year you would visit the country you will surely get to enjoy it. Check it out! 

Getting around Thailand is easy and very safe even if you are far from the city itself because they have a comfortable sleeper trains as their means of transportation. Although some people choose to have an organized tour, you will surely miss out the fun in exploring the country and other attractions and most of all meeting the local people.  You can also learn more about Thailand by checking out the post at 

To get you a little bit of idea on what are the places to visit in Thailand, here are some of the places. 

Ayutthaya is the former capital of Siam during the 1350 to the 18th century. During this time, the capital is considered to one of the largest cities in the world. But due to the Burmese army who destroyed the city, the capital city was then relocated in Bangkok in the year 1768. Ayutthaya today is UNESCO World Heritage Site which the country was able to preserve its splendor during the time when it was still the capital city. 


Chiang Mai Temples is one of Thailand's most popular tourist destinations. The Chiang Mai is the country's cultural capital and it is the home of the best and fascinating Buddhist temples. Wat Pra Singh is a historic site which houses the revered Phra Singh Buddha which dates back to 15th century. You may visit website for more details.