When visiting Thailand, there is so much more to see that a one week vacation is not enough. Every visitor in Thailand keeps on returning due to the fact that everywhere you go, it is so beautiful. The tropical islands and stunning coastline provides a wonderful haven of beaches and laid-back ambiance. When you go further inland, you will be welcomed by rice paddles and UNIESCO World Heritage Sites filled with lush green forest and wildlife. Thailand is a Buddhist country which is why the country offers plenty golden temples. The capital city of Bangkok is filled with skyscrapers, floating markets and smog filled streets will always leave you overwhelmed. 

Despite of the country's western influence, Thailand was able to maintain and preserve their identity as an Oriental nation and this is one reason why Thailand is one of the best tourist holiday destination in the world today. Thailand also combines East and West so if you are a person who loves the beach or an adrenaline junkie than Thailand is the place for you. Good news about Thailand is that they have a temperate climate all year round which means that whatever time of year you would visit the country you will surely get to enjoy it. Check it out! 

Getting around Thailand is easy and very safe even if you are far from the city itself because they have a comfortable sleeper trains as their means of transportation. Although some people choose to have an organized tour, you will surely miss out the fun in exploring the country and other attractions and most of all meeting the local people.  You can also learn more about Thailand by checking out the post at 

To get you a little bit of idea on what are the places to visit in Thailand, here are some of the places. 

Ayutthaya is the former capital of Siam during the 1350 to the 18th century. During this time, the capital is considered to one of the largest cities in the world. But due to the Burmese army who destroyed the city, the capital city was then relocated in Bangkok in the year 1768. Ayutthaya today is UNESCO World Heritage Site which the country was able to preserve its splendor during the time when it was still the capital city. 


Chiang Mai Temples is one of Thailand's most popular tourist destinations. The Chiang Mai is the country's cultural capital and it is the home of the best and fascinating Buddhist temples. Wat Pra Singh is a historic site which houses the revered Phra Singh Buddha which dates back to 15th century. You may visit website for more details.


As one of the most visited cities in Asia, Bangkok tours never stop as a top priority among tourists and visitors alike, both for first time tourists and those who are travel professionals. Located at the heart of Thailand, Bangkok is considered the center of proliferate and profound culture. The place has also been known as the center of finance, tourism and business, among many others. There is no question that the place went in third after the European cities and this has always been known for three years as the world's best city by an accredited travel magazine. This article discusses the best tourist destinations that can always provide for what you need to enjoy your whole Thailand travel experience. 

If you are looking for places where you can shop around, Bangkok has an image among its shoppers when it comes to having its wishes. From the night life that you can do in Bangkok to stunning mall scapes and to the lively and busting cities and floating markets, Thailand's Bangkok tours have all the things that you need to enjoy your travel fund. Among the best malls in Thailand are Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, MBK, Central Chidlom, The Emporium, Gaysorn Shopping Mall, Pantip Plaza and more others. You can also try Bangkok's floating market that has landed in several travel guides and travel books around. These have been the favorite among locals because of their iconic sceneries and landscapes. 

If you are visiting Bangkok, do not forget to take temple tours. You should always take some time off your busy schedule and be sure that you can find Bangkok's several temples and take them with you. The most famous of these temples are the Wat Benjabophit, Wat Po and Trimitr Wat. There are also several temples that you can consider as the most important icons in Bangkok, such as the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Place. These things are also considered the best Buddhist temples in the nation. There are several tour operators that provide Bangkok tours in single trips around these places for your travel pleasure needs. You may go here to read more information on this. 


Finally, you can always take some time off and get yourself familiarize with the temples in the town which can be taken through a boat to Ayutthaya while crossing the river. These places used to be ports during the trade in the regions of Siam and Southeast Asia until the 18th century, resources have noted. For more facts and info regarding Thailand, you can go to


Thailand is one of South Eastern Asia's most popular tourist destinations due to its beautiful beaches, rich forests, luxury hotels, cheerful people, and most especially because of its sacred grounds. 

Phuket is not just the home of some of Thailand's richest forests but it also takes pride in its famous beaches and other attractions such as spa parlors, sea-side resorts, and respected restaurants. 

Below are some of the attractions in Phuket that you should definitely explore: 

1. Wat Chalong

One of Thailand's most important temples is Wat Chalong. Thousands of people pay homage to the sacred habitat every year. It is called Phuket Island's "spiritual center" and also reminds it people of the country's rich history. If ever you visit Wat Chalong at a time when it hosts a country fair, you should try Thai cuisine as you enjoy the area's special holiday. To learn more about Thailand, you can visit 

2. Old Phuket Town

Phuket's Old Town features fine restaurants, Sino-Portuguese attractions, and numerous shops where you can check out funky attires and other fascinating outfits. It is also proud of its colonial and Chinese architecture that makes for a perfect view in the afternoon. 

3. Phi Phi Island

A lot of travelers drop by Phuket just to get a glimpse of Phi Phi Island. Due to its fame that has reached beyond borders, the spot has become one of the most visited attractions in Phuket. It is considered as the country's mega-star since it has appeared in "The Beach," the movie that starred none other than Oscar Awards recipient, Leonardo DiCaprio. Find out more of these attractions at 

Though Phuket is an undeniably famous place in Thailand, visitors are also very much fascinated with Bangkok, the country's capital that is not just home to the world-renowned Emerald Buddha, but is also the most populous city in the region.

 Here are some of the Attractions in Phuket that you might want to visit: 

1. Wat Pho

Boasting of traditional Thai massage and eye-catching murals all around, Wat Pho is also the home of the giant reclining Buddha that many tourists have paid homage to in the past years. The temple sports stunning gardens, stone sculptures, and inscriptions that speak of Thailand's olden times. 

2. Bangkok's Chinatown

While several countries have their own Chinatowns, Bangkok's is a respected one since it is the picture-perfect symbol of beauty and madness. Though it can be chaotic in terms of numerous market stalls and gold shops, it is also a sight to behold due to the locals' dynamic spirits whenever major festivities such as the Chinese New Year are being held. It is recommended that tourists drop by Bangkok's Chinatown when there's a big celebration. 

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

In the past, the Chatuchak Weekend Market was only patronized by wholesalers and traders but today, it has become a profoundly visited site due to the vast amount of merchandise it offers for visitors who love to splurge. There are over 8,000 market stalls to check out and if you're lucky enough, you'll get the best deals. Around 200,000 visitors are deemed to flood the market every weekend just to get a good deal. 


Thailand takes pride in many other tourist destinations but the above mentioned locations are a must-see.